About Us

The beginning of something great.

Motor Fiend was originally founded in early 2008 and traded under the name Electronic Fiend. The business was run by a group of friends looking to provide a better online shopping experience for car enthusiasts. Starting as a side project, Motor Fiend slowly started to gain attention around the web and that's when we realized the potential the company had.

In 2016 MotorFiend was sold to Open House Websites, which brought major changes to the company including much improved customer service and a new network of quality suppliers. Today Motor Fiend continues to grow and evolve into more than just an Auto Electronics store. Our high level of customer service, quality products and affordable low prices means our customers keep coming back to buy again and again.

A promise to our customers.

We strive daily to meet our customers best standards. As a team we believe the only way Motor Fiend can expand is one customer at a time. We treat every customer as if they're our first, giving them our full undivided attention.

What is a Motor Fiend?

The official definition of 'fiend' is 'devil' but we consider MotorFiend more of a memorable trading name people will remember than having any satanic connection. A fiend is also known as a person who is addicted to something, like a golf fiend for example might like to play 18 holes every day. A MotorFiend is someone who has a passion for everything involving motor cars. So feed your addiction today!