GMC Sierra Headlights

GMC Sierra HID Headlights

The GMC Sierra was introduced in 1999 as the successor to the popular Chevrolet C/K line. The Silverado name was taken from a trim level used on previous models, the Chevrolet C/K pickup trucks and Suburban’s from 1975 through 1998.
The 1999 GMC Sierra has great towing power with a uniquely comfortable cab. A durable vehicle, it can handle just about any hauling need. It is a single beam headlight system, easily converted to HID with a kit from MotorFiend.com.
For 2000 the GMC Sierra is a superior quality constructed truck with proven endurance, low cost maintenance and smooth and easy handling. A reliable and durable pickup truck.
In 2001 the GMC Sierra  provided outstanding MPG and a lot of horsepower with the 327 Vortex V8 engine. An extremely reliable truck for work and play. Convert to HID with a plug and play HID kit.
2002 GMC Sierra’s provide plenty of room for a family with comfortable interior for long distance driving. Great ride quality and overall reliability. Single beam headlight system for effortless conversion to HID headlights.
The 2003 GMC Sierra is truly built “Chevy Tough”. Considerable cargo capacity and superior power. This truck is reliable and versatile as well as having a stylish and comfortable interior.
With plenty of power, the 2004 GMC Sierra is great for towing any type of trailer. Roomy and snazzy interior provides plenty of room for long trips with the family.  Classy, chic exterior completes the overall desirability of this truck. Smoothly convertible to an HID lighting system.
A 2005 GMC Sierra provides style, utility and power.  The spacious interior provides a comfortable setting for long road trips. Easy, inexpensive maintenance with outstanding design and adaptability. Perfect for an HID conversion from MotorFiend.
With a dressy, ample interior, the 2006 GMC Sierra provides great maneuverability, dependability and a quiet smooth ride. The tow package option allows for towing of all types of trailers. For best nighttime driving, a CANBUS hid kit is recommended.
The comfortable and  enjoyable 2007 GMC Sierra is a classy, snazzy truck with a sharp exterior and roomy interior. Great MPG, ride and comfort.  A reliable and study vehicle made Chevy tough.
The 2008 GMC Sierra is a simple yet  solid and strong truck, with great reliability maintaining an impressive trade-in value. An array of factory options, including the 5.3 liter engine that can give some of the best MPG/torque combination in the market place. Xenon headlights are a good after market product for this vehicle.
The 2009 GMC Sierra has impressive towing capacity with generous cargo space, nice interior and comfortable ride. Great handling and very powerful with an aggressive styling. An HID conversion really lights up the road for this GMC tough truck.
The very reliable 2010 GMC Sierra is a stunning beauty. Incredibly powerful, quiet and easy to drive with outstanding handling.  Very roomy truck fitting the whole family for long trips. Plenty of towing capability for hauling and trailer.
The fun to drive 2011 GMC Sierra provides plenty of power while maintaining a very stylish, plush and luxurious image. Roomy seating capacity with a very quiet cabin noise level make long trips with the family comfortable and peaceful.  HID headlights make a considerable difference in nighttime driving.
The 2012 GMC Sierra provides power and reliability, with great MPG at mid 20s highway and 17 in the city. Very smooth comfortable riding with luxurious interior and snazzy exterior. Excellent towing capacity for hauling your toys.
The 2013 GMC Sierra is a simple, straightforward easy to maintain truck. Outstanding MPGs with optional cooled seats, stylish, enjoyable interior with plenty of leg room. Classy exterior turns heads wherever you drive. Xenon headlights make a great after-market upgrade.
For 2014 the GMC Sierra added a dressy new grill with a totally upgraded body style. Smooth ride with plenty of power when needed and the ability to drop to 4 cylinders when freeway driving to save fuel.
The awesome looking 2015 GMC Sierra is a versatile vehicle offering exceptionally strong performance. Optional remote start and backup camera are valuable additions to this already imposing truck.  Comfortable, roomy interior and sleek exterior. HID headlights are a recommended upgrade.