Honda CR-V Headlights

Introduced in 1998, the Honda CR-V was designed as a compact, four wheel drive vehicle that provided the same amenities as a larger SUV, but also provided top fuel efficiency, comfort and the famous Honda drivability.
The 1996 Honda CR-V was the first year this model was introduced. An extremely safe and reliable vehicle providing powerful acceleration, superb braking and smooth ride combined with superior fuel economy. An overall fun to drive car for the whole family. HID conversion from MotorFiend.com.
1997 Honda CR-V affords more than ample interior space with a sharp, crisp exterior design. Great view of the road from the driver’s seat, superior acceleration with a smooth shifting 4 speed automatic transmission. Immensely comfortable city runabout or vacation SUV. Xenon HID upgrade.
The 1998 Honda CR-V is comfortable and fun and can only be truly appreciated if driven. Agile handling with outstanding pick up and awesome fuel economy. A super dependable, fun vehicle that call haul the whole family in comfort. Suggest an HID upgrade from MotorFiend.com.
The 1999 Honda CR-V is a sporty SUV with a dapper exterior. Solid and smooth ride with surprising responsive acceleration and generous MPG. The spacious interior has room for all as well as more than adequate storage space for those long vacations with the family.
A 2000 Honda CR-V provides a safe, reliable SUV with all the safety features expected in a Honda built car. Outstanding performance, surprisingly awesome acceleration but extremely fuel efficient at the same time. Snazzy exterior, roomy comfortable interior. HID conversion highly recommended.
The 2001 Honda CR-V  is an exceptional comfortable, roomy SUV with outstanding visibility all around with no blind spots. Comfy interior complete with rear passenger arm rests and multiple cup holders front and back. Chic exterior styling combine with awesome drivability.
The 2002 Honda CR-V is a fantastic all around SUV. Roomy, comfortable interior seating up to 10 people and with ample storage space. Great for long trips. Spry, quick acceleration, smooth riding and superior handling make this vehicle a perfect choice. HID conversion from MotorFiend.com recommended.
A 2003 Honda CR-V is a quality built car, as you would expect from Honda. An awesome balance of power and fuel economy producing some of the most conservative MPGs available in the market. A comfortable and safe ride with tons of rear storage space and generous interior space.
The 2004 Honda CR-V is an awesome, all around vehicle, inside and out. A superior, sporty looking exterior with a comfortable, roomy interior and plenty of storage space. Splendid handling and maneuverability with out-standing fuel economy. Perfect for xenon headlight conversion.
The Zippy V-tec engine in the 2005 Honda CR-V gives exceptional acceleration, but a the same time, provides outstanding gas mileage. Superb handling with an especially smooth confident ride. Roomy interior with a rear picnic table under the cargo area. Great for family or commuter vehicle.
The 2006 Honda CR-V has an ultra sleek body style with polished headlight design. Comfortable roomy interior with plenty of extra storage space. Awesome power and acceleration with a smooth, clean ride and superior fuel ecomomy. A CANBUS ballast upgrade would be recommended for this vehicle.
A 2007 Honda CR-V provides a smooth riding, gas saving vehicle. Exceptionally reliable with superior safety features. Stylish exterior is complimented by the comfortable and roomy interior. Great for long trips with the family or for in town driving. Perfect candidate for HID conversion with CANBUS ballast.
The 2008 Honda CR-V is a superb family vehicle with a large roomy, comfortable and stylish interior with plenty of room for the family and with a large cargo area as well. This is an awesome vehicle to drive with exceptional handling and smooth ride. Great driver visibility. Convert to HID from MotorFiend.com.
A 2009 Honda CR-V is an extremely safe vehicle that is truly a pleasure to drive. Awesome handling even in winter weather and with a superior turn radius, it is a breeze to park. Ultra smooth ride with silky smooth performance. A perfect choice for a family SUV. Outstanding fuel economy & stylish exterior.
The 2010 Honda CR-V is a practical, sporty and fun family vehicle. AWD security, high driver visibility with the convenience of a hatchback for groceries. Enough room even for taller drivers. Comfortable, smooth and solid ride. A perfect size SUV with the looks, superiority and great gas mileage of a Honda.
The 2011 Honda CR-V is a practical, family oriented vehicle with plenty of passenger and cargo space. Perfect ride height with superb road visibility. Smooth, solid ride with rugged dependability. Snappy exterior design looks great. Outstanding performance and gas mileage. HID CANBUS recommended.
The 2012 Honda CR-V brings a new, refined body style. The AWD feature provides safety with even the worst road conditions. Strong acceleration, but yet with superior fuel economy. Comfortable interior with plenty of cargo space. Perfect for long family vacations. Convert to HID with CANBUS ballasts.
The 2013 Honda CR-V is one sweet SUV averaging 26 MPG in the city and 35+ MPG on the open highway. Extremely solid build with all of the safety features you would expect in a Honda. Outstanding acceleration, top notch handling and loads of interior space for the entire family.
The 2014 Honda CR-V provides the quality expected from a Honda built vehicle and remains one of the most popular choices in the compact crossover market. Sleek, stylish exterior and plush interior loaded with safety features make this SUV a perfect choice for the family. CANBUS ballast recommended.
A 2015 Honda CR-V is the leading choice if you are looking for a superb SUV. Improved handling and reduced road noise are just a couple of this years improvements. Ultra modern exterior design with luxurious interior with plenty of cargo space. Out-standing fuel economy with zippy acceleration.