Honda Accord Headlights

Honda Accord HID Headlights

Production on the Honda Accord began in 1976. Originally a compact car, it was offered as a mid size beginning in 1990. For 1976 to 1989, headlights on a Honda Accord were sealed beam, requiring modification in order to convert to HID headlights.
The 1990 Honda Accord is a fast and fun to drive car with quick acceleration, smooth handling, amazing braking and over-all quality performance. Outstanding MPG both on the highway and in the city. Quiet, roomy interior for the whole family. HID conversion kits are available from MotorFiend.com.
A 1991 Honda Accord is a reliable, comfortable car with awesome performance, smooth handling, stylish, sporty exterior and a roomy comfortable interior. Great gas mileage with quick, responsive acceleration. Perfect for HID conversion.
The snazzy 1992 Honda Accord drives like a sports car with great handling and stability providing exceptional gas mileage.  An enduring exterior style, large spacious interior can fit the whole family. Wishbone suspension and light weight make this a great car all around.
In 1993 Honda Accord introduced the passenger side airbag. Spacious, comfortable interior with the added benefit of driving a safe vehicle. Great family transportation, handles great on the highway and in town. Exceptional fuel economy with smooth effortless driving. HID conversion recommended.
A 1994 Honda Accord provides awesome gas mileage on the highway and in the city. Sporty appearance, smooth handling make this a great all around car with roof racks and a large cargo area. Spacious interior gives room for the whole family. Perfect for xenon headlights.
An especially well built car, the 1995 Honda Accord combines quick, responsive acceleration with effortless handling. Perfect for commute or family vacation. Ample, comfortable interior make even the longest trips easy. Snappy exterior styling ideal for an HID conversion.  
The 1996 Honda Accord is an especially reliable car with a particularly low cost of ownership. With a spacious, luxurious interior with fold down seats and large truck this Honda Accord is a great family vehicle. Sleek exterior design, quick acceleration and smooth handling. HID conversion recommended.
A 1997 Honda Accord produces awe inspiring acceleration, precise steering and smooth, easy handling. Great family vehicle with abundant seating space and a large cargo area perfect for a long trip for everyone. Snappy exterior completes the package. Xenon lights are available for this model.
For 1998 Honda Accord provides outstanding fuel economy, great handling, smooth ride and a polished exterior styling. Spacious interior and cargo space. It is an affordable, responsible and awesome family car, perfect for long trips or great as an everyday commuter. 
The 1999 Honda Accord is a durable family vehicle great for long trips or in town commutes. Exceptional well built with a sporty modern exterior and a roomy, comfortable interior. Superior and smooth handling, quality braking and excellent fuel economy. HID headlight conversion suggested.
The reliable 2000 Honda Accord is a sporty looking automobile with quick acceleration, lots of power and quick response. Superb family vehicle, with large comfy interior and plenty of truck space. Perfect for family vacations.  A smooth handling, economically sensible car.
The smooth riding 2001 Honda Accord provides superb handling with quick acceleration and a quiet, tranquil ride. Plush  and roomy interior fits the whole family, but great car for in town commute. A spacious and comfortable car.  HID headlight conversions made easy from MotorFiend.com.
For 2002 the Honda Accord offers a quick, peppy automobile with a sleek aerodynamic exterior and a large, comfortable interior with an extremely large truck. Perfect for family vacations. Power, comfort and style make this a superb all around vehicle. Xenon headlights are an ideal safety upgrade.
The 2003 Honda Accord is a really fun car to drive with superb, smooth handling and quick acceleration. Superior quality with snappy exterior and plenty of interior room in both front and back seats. Large cargo area for luggage when taking a family vacation.
A 2004 Honda Accord provides a quality driving experience producing a safe, secure feeling akin to larger luxury vehicles. Handles exceptionally well with quick, firm acceleration and plenty of torque. A perfect  family car with sport looks, roomy interior and superior handling.
The 2005 Honda Accord is truly a 5 star automobile. A fun to drive family car with spacious interior and snappy exterior features. Exceptional power and acceleration with above average fuel economy. Over all the car has a luxury look with a sporty feel. Perfect car for an HID conversion from MotorFiend.com.
The 2006 Honda Accord is a nice family car with plenty of power, sporty looking a smooth as butter. A really fun car to drive.  Snappy look on the exterior with a roomy quiet riding interior. Has all the amenities of a luxury vehicle in a mid size car.  Xenon headlight conversion suggested.
A 2007 Honda Accord has slim lines, leaving few blind spots making for an enjoyable and easy driving experience. Superb acceleration, tight handling and awesome breaking system provide a delightful over-all practicality usually found in upscale cars. HID conversion available.
The family-friendly 2008 Honda Accord comes with overly spacious interior with plenty of additional truck space for long vacations. Comfortable but sporty looking commuter.  A truly affordable luxury car delivering  good power, quick acceleration with excellent gas mileage.  
The 2009 Honda Accord is a superbly responsive ride with nimble acceleration and handling. Sleek, stylish exterior and spacious, comfortable interior with plenty of storage space.  Smooth ride, excellent braking and generous safety features make this a great family car. HID conversion recommended.
A 2010 Honda Accord makes for a solid family vehicle. Reliable, safe and easy to maintain. Quick pick up and smooth engine with effortless transmission shifting. Luxurious inside and out. Quality safety features like 6 airbags, ABS and traction control. Perfect for HID conversion from MotorFiend.com.
The 2011 Honda Accord offers the best value, defined as where price and quality meet. Fantastic curb appeal for an economical and comfortable family vehicle. Spacious interior and lots of trunk space. Quiet, smooth riding car with upgraded safety features. Awesome Miles per Gallon.
The 2012 Honda Accord is a phenomenal automobile. More than adequate power providing quick acceleration. Very smooth automatic transmission and excellent braking.  Tight, precise handling with superb MPG make this accord one of the best family vehicles on the market today. A CANBUS ballast HID kit is recommended when upgrading this vehicle's headlights to HID Xenon.
For 2013, the Honda Accord provides an affordable and reliable car with a luxury feel. Ultra smooth riding and handling. Sleek and sporty, yet comfortable and roomy at the same time. Economical, fuel efficient with many extras. Great family vehicle. CANBUS ballast upgrade recommended.
The 2014 Honda Accord offers the most automobile for the least money. Outstanding safety features, surprising power for quick acceleration with the transmission smooth throughout. This is a wonderful family vehicle, great for long drives or for commuting. HID conversion is suggested.
The 2015 Honda Accord is hands down the best family vehicle available in the marketplace today. Quality safety features, stylish exterior with large luxurious interior and ample truck space make this a great car for family vacations. Superior handling and performance all around.