HID Headlights

High Intensity Discharge or HID lights were first introduced into the automotive market as an option on the 1991 BMW 7 series. As the lights gained popularity they were produced as an aftermarket retrofit product and by 2004 they were widely available in the United States. 
Factory fitted halogen bulbs typically have a light output of around 1,000 lumens. HID bulbs produce around 3,200 lumens, so they’re a significantly brighter upgrade. The low price of these HID conversion kits also makes them one of the most popular aftermarket products on the market. 
The benefits of this lighting upgrade are not only limited to brightness. They also offer an extended working life of around 3,000 hours, where halogen bulbs typically burn out after 1,000 hours. The range of color temperatures is also quite appealing, as they can give your vehicle a very unique look. 
Perhaps the most important advantage of upgrading to HID headlights is improved road safety. Not only is your night driving visibility greatly improved, but you can also be seen by other road users. The light output of HID lights offers a driving experience similar to natural sunlight. The improved illumination allows you to see animals, pedestrians and other obstacles more clearly.  
If you’re concerned about the legality of a HID lights upgrade you can read our list of state headlight laws. We advise choosing the 4,300K color temperature which is pure white, thus drawing less attention.  If you want something more interesting we have 3,000K yellow, 6,000K plasma white, 8,000K plasma blue, 10,000K deep blue and 12,000K purple.
The cost of a HID lighting upgrade is relatively low and buying one of our plug and play conversion kits means you can upgrade you lights with just a few simple tools.You’ll need to check your bulb type first to know if you need a single beam, or dual beam (also known as bi-xenon). MotorFiend offers single beam kits from just $69.95 and dual beam $89.95. Replacement bulbs and ballasts are readily available. 
There’s three distinct advantages to buying HID lights from MotorFiend.
  • We ship from California, USA. Many other sellers are shipping kits from China which means delayed shipping times. 
  • We sell only premium quality products that are backed by a one year warranty. 
  • Our customer service team are happy to offer sales and installation information