Ford Fusion Headlights

Ford Fusion HID Headlights

The first Ford Fusion rolled off the assembly line on August 1, 2005. It is a mid size vehicle somewhere between Ford Taurus and Ford Focus. It features the “new face of Ford” three bar grill.
The 2005 Ford Fusion provides outstanding fuel economy, smooth handling ride, with a gorgeous exterior and surprisingly large interior with perfect seat hight, like sitting on a chair at home. Unobstructed view with an expansive glass area, giving clear vision all around. HID conversion recommended
A stylish, comfortable and luxurious automobile, the 2006 Ford Fusion furnishes amply appointed interior with comfortable seating. Reliable and economical to own, it provides a smooth ride, excellent handling and superior braking. Convenient automatic headlights easily converted to HID.   
The 2007 Ford Fusion is an exemplary example of a fine family car. Reliable, with a roomy and comfortable interior, this Fusion has outstanding handling, quick acceleration, with impressive fuel economy. Stylish exterior provides a beautiful look for a family vehicle.
The smooth handling 2008 Ford Fusion offers  surprisingly quick acceleration with excellent fuel economy It truly is much more powerful than it looks. Stylish exterior with a comfortable interior and huge truck for storage make this a great all-around family vehicle. HID conversion with CANBUS ballasts recommended.
The 2009 Ford Fusion drives like it’s larger counterpart, the Crown Vitoria. Smooth ride, nimble steering and performance make this compact seem like driving a big car. Snazzy exterior, roomy and luxurious interior plus great gas mileage in town or on the road.
The 2010 Ford Fusion provides exemplary gas mileage for a great value family car. Modern, sleek exterior with a large roomy interior make this automobile perfect for vacation or just driving in town. This Fusion has more than adequate handling with a smooth and luxurious car feel. HID CANBUS ballast recommended.
The comfortable 2011 Ford Fusion can fit a family of five easily, providing adequate enjoyment even on long trips with the whole family. Very smooth driving with superior handling. Sport looks, quick acceleration and exceptional gas economy. SYNC works great and is easy to use.
A 2012 Ford Fusion performs in a stunningly superior manner. Smooth and flawless handling for a mid size car. More than adequate gas mileage with 33+ MPG on the highway and 25+ MPG in the city. Stylish and affordable with a luxurious, roomy interior. HID conversion recommended.
An exceptionally stylish automobile, the 2013 Ford Fusion can accommodate a family, with luggage for long trips, or great for in town commute. Sporty interior layout with plenty of headroom.  Impressive fuel economy, superior handling with better than average fuel consumption.
The beautifully designed 2014 Ford Fusion provides a solid, beautiful and economical family car with a distinct sporty flair. Great on fuel, comfortable, classy, and fun to drive. Superior gas mileage, comfortable interior with state of the art technology features. Use CANBUS ballasts when converting to HID headlights.
The 2015 Ford Fusion is a luxuriously designed vehicle with sharply defined exterior and a beautifully posh interior that has room to seat the whole family in comfort. Remarkable gas mileage, both in the city and on the highway make this a great car for all.