Ford Focus Headlights

Ford Focus HID Headlights

There's been three generations of Ford Focus sold in North American since they were first introduced in 1998. 
The 1998 Ford Focus replaced the Ford Escort in the North American market. Stylish exterior and a surprisingly roomy interior make this a great family car. Very smooth handling and ride, with more than adequate fuel economy, both on the highway and in the city. HID conversion kits available.
A 1999 Ford Focus is a perfect and smooth driving vehicle providing more than sufficient power. Fun to drive, quiet and comfortable. Quick acceleration and good MPG. An all-around fun and drivable family vehicle.  Xenon headlights are a perfect upgrade.
The 2000 Ford Focus offers child proof doors, plenty of storage and comfy and roomy interior. Perfect for family trips or in town. Great MPG - 35+/- city 40+/- hwy. Sporty exterior and fun to drive. A jazzy, spacious economy car that is a joy to drive.
The 2001 Ford Focus if an extremely fuel efficient car getting 35MPG highway and about 29MPG in the city. An exceptional reliable vehicle with plenty of interior room, including adequate storage space. Sporty exterior make is a great run about car. Perfect for an HID conversion from MotorFiend.com.
A 2002 Ford Focus is a moderately priced small car good for an inexpensive daily commuter or for a long family vacation. Great handling, comfort and fuel economy. The roomy interior also provides a good amount of cargo capacity. A fun and reliable family car producing an enjoyable driving experience.
The durable 2003 Ford Focus’s independent suspension makes this compact a joy to drive. Smooth, effortless handling with a 2.3 DOHC engine providing plenty of pep. Exceptionally comfortable interior with more than adequate cargo space make this a great family vehicle. HID conversion recommended.
The 2004 Ford Focus provides contemporary, sporty styling with a large roomy and comfortable interior. This Focus handles perfectly and delivers awesome fuel economy. Smooth and precise breaking with spunky power and acceleration from it’s 4 cylinder engine. Xenon headlights are a great upgrade.
An exceptionally styled car, the 2005 Ford Focus is small enough to park anywhere easily, but big enough to fit five adults. Awesome driving experience with smooth handling and economical fuel usage. Spacious interior with plenty of additional cargo space. Just an all around fun car to own and drive.
The 2006 Ford Focus is an impressive commuter car getting substantial fuel efficiency. Very comfortable front seats and plenty of rear leg room. This Focus it smooth driving, reliable and fun to drive in the city or on the highway. Quick acceleration with stability and a solid feel.  Upgrade to HID headlights.
The family oriented and exceptionally reliable 2007 Ford Focus provides great MPG and still has strong, quick acceleration. Dives smoothly and is a very comfortable automobile, especially on long drives. Seats five easily and also has sufficient truck space for luggage. A solid, fun to drive vehicle.
The 2008 Ford Focus looks great with sleek, snazzy styling. Fantastic commuter vehicle getting 35+ MPG on the highway and awesome mileage in the city as well. With a 2.0L twin cam powered engine, this Focus is quick and agile. Easy handling, fun to drive.  Canbus HID conversion from MotorFiend.com recommended.
An exceptionally efficient car, the 2009 Ford Focus is sporty looking with stylish exterior and a big interior that provides plenty of leg room. Peppy and fast, with remarkable drivability and handling. Superior gas mileage both in town and on the highway. The Sync System places it above anything else.
A quick and handsome automobile, the 2010 Ford Focus gets superior gas mileage that can exceed the EPA estimates at 29 city and 39 highway. A smooth handling and driving vehicle that has a sporty and sharp appearance and a more than adequate roomy interior with plenty of truck space.
An outstanding family vehicle, the 2011 Ford Focus is a sporty, sleek car. It produces superior gas mileage but yet has awesome acceleration. The roomy interior provides ample seating for the whole family, whether on long trips or just around town. Fun to drive with smooth handling. A canbus ballast would be recommended for an HID upgrade from MotorFiend.com.
The spacious and well equipped 2012 Ford Focus gives top gas mileage making it economical for both long trips and in town. Very sleek and sharp looking aero dynamic body style with a large homey interior with plenty of room for everyone. Rear seats fold down giving tons of cargo space.
The 2013 Ford Focus is a fantastically handling automobile with more that adequate power @2500rpm. Fun and zippy to drive. A solid driving car that delivers some of the best gas mileage available for this class of vehicle. HID headlight upgrade recommended.
The 2014 Ford Focus is an extremely quiet and smooth riding car, with a snappy style, great handling and awesome fuel economy. A large spacious interior compliments the sporty exterior. An all-around dazzling car, perfect for the whole family. Canbus ballast upgrade for HID conversion.
The 2015 Ford Focus shows an updated, sleek and snazzy styling, with an interior large enough for the whole family. Standard equipment on all models includes Ford MyKey and back up camera. A great family car for the money. Go to MotorFiend.com for a canbus HID upgrade.