Ford Escape Headlights

A refreshing surprise from Ford for 2001, the Escape performed beyond expectations. A smaller SUV version, it still had plenty of room for the family. Stylish exterior and comfy interior.
The 2001 Ford Escape handles better than most cars with an exceptionally tight turning radius. Adequate MPG, large cargo space with a roomy interior make it an enjoyable vehicle for all purposes. Perfect for HID headlight conversion.
The exceptionally practical and economical 2002 Ford Escape is an easy, enjoyable ride. It sports a classy exterior and a spacious, comfortable interior with plenty of room for storage. Great MPG. An affordable SUV that is not too big, nor to small.
The 2003 Ford Escape drives like a bigger SUV with a larger engine. Attracitve appearance with lots of interior space, both for passangers and cargo. Dependable vehicle with great MPG. A versatile and functional vehicle, perfect for family or work.  Xenon headlights make a great upgrade.
A 2004 Ford Escape provides exceptional handling and reliability for both long and short drives. It has the smoothness and comfort of a larger SUV, but feels like driving a luxury sedan. More than adequate power with quick acceleration and sufficient MPG.
The sporty 2005 Ford Escape is an all-around utility vehicle. More than adequate power for long trips with the family or just around town. Reliable, roomy and comfortable. Nice extendable roof rack makes it easy to carry larger loads. Great candidate for an HID conversion from MotorFiend.com.
A 2006 Ford Escape makes for a great family car. Excellent acceleration and quick pick up on the high end. More than acceptable MPG, adequate cargo space, comfortable ride with a large roomy interior make this SUV a great value. Xenon headlight conversion available.
The very comfortable 2007 Ford Escape is a wonderfully handling SUV. Certainly one of the nicest sport utility vehicles in this category. Fantastic power for a 4 cyclinder, smooth ride with plenty of interior leg room for long family trips. Adequate MPG makes this utility SUV a super value.
The agile 2008 Ford Escape provides dependability, excellent MPG, low maintenance costs with superb quality. Comfortable, roomy interior with lots of extra cargo space make it a good SUV for family vacations. A truly fun to drive reliable SUV.  Canbus ballasts recommended.
The 2009 Ford Escape has plenty of room for car seats for the kids. Great performance with a 240HP engine with plenty of torque for peppy acceleration. Solid build quality with sporty styling inside and out. A safe vehicle, easy to handle with an exceptional smooth ride. 
A 2010 Ford Escape is a comfortable and luxurious mid size SUV with a sync system that is impressive even to those who may drive a higher class of automobile. Snazzy exterior and large, comfortable interior make long trips a breeze. More than sufficient cargo space and good MPG. 
The 2011 Ford Escape is an adequately reliable ride for shuttling the whole family to activities. It is the prefect family SUV, sporty looking, comfortable bucket front seats and roomy back seats with an abundance of head room. Lots of extra storage space too. A Canbus HID conversion is recommended.
The 2012 Ford Escape is easy to drive with extremely smooth handling and adequate MPG both highway and in town. Tons of space, with a roomy comfy interior and rear seats that can collapse for added cargo space. Drives and handles like a larger luxury SUV.
For 2013 the Ford Escape is a sharp looking, solid SUV that drives more like a car than an SUV. Loads of power and torque even at highway speeds. Superbly finished interior with soft, cozy seating makes even the longest drives a pleasure. Seats fold flat allowing for a maximum size cargo.
For 2014 Ford Escape has been totally redesigned with a sleek new luxurious exterior. Driving the 2014 Escape provides a smooth handling ride and a feeling of confidence and at the same time, is a remarkably affordable vehicle. Good MPG, roomy interior, good for daily commuter or long trips. When converting to HID headlights, a canbus ballast is recommended.
The 2015 Ford Escape gives great fuel economy both on the highway and in the city. Roomy, comfy interior with fold down seats in the rear for added cargo area. Sleek exterior with AWD. Perfect family SUV. Xenon headlight conversion with plug and play kit from MotorFiend.com.