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If I order today, when will my item ship out?
We offer NEXT BUSINESS DAY shipping on ALL products, when stock is available. We know our customers want their products ASAP so we make sure to get them shipped out right away. 

Where is my order being shipped from?

ALL of our HID headlight kits and HID bulbs are now being shipped from our warehouse in California, USA. The rest of our items will be shipped from the USA when stock is available, but otherwise they will be shipped direct from China.


If you need your item in a hurry we suggest upgrading to express shipping.  

How do you ship products?
Motor Fiend has teamed up with FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, and EMS to ship products direct to your door in the fastest time possible. Depending on the stock availability your items might ship from different locations or with different shipping companies.

Do I get a tracking numbers?
Yes you do! We provide tracking right away for you to track your package all the way to your home.

How long does it take to get my product?
We offer express shipping for half the cost. This means orders will arrive anywhere from 2-5 business days for express shipping or 12-15 business days for regular shipping, depending on where you're located or where we ship the product from.

What payments do you accept?
We offer the safest and most secure ways to pay online. We accept all major credits and use Paypal as our merchant to process all sales. Your card numbers are not stored by MotorFiend at any time. Paypal has an Anti-Fraud Team that works 24/7, ensuring your payment information is protected.

Can I trust Motor Fiend? Is your website safe?
Motor Fiend is the fastest growing automotive site on the net. We have served thousands of satisfied customers and have delivered many more products. Your privacy and security is important to us, so our site is verified by Site Lock everyday, protecting you from hackers, spam and malware. To learn more about Site Lock Click Here



What's included in a  HID Conversion Kit?
Our kits come with 2 high quality bulbs, 2 ballasts, mounting kits and installation instructions for your hid kit.

What is a Relay and why do I need it?
A relay is used for certain vehicles with daytime running lights or to simply pull power from your battery. This will accomplish two advantages. One advantage is bypassing the issue of problems that may occur between your E.C.U and your headlights. Another advantage is having more consistent power to the hid since the power is coming directly from the power source.

Then how will I know if I need a Relay?
You will know if you have daytime running lights if you need either or both. If you have a computerized headlight system you will need a canceler. If you do not but you have daytime running lights, you will need a relay.

How long does your HID Kits last?
We have the highest quality HID Kits in the market and they last for well over 10 years or 4,000 hours.

Are your HID Kits Plug-N-Play?
Yes! All our kits are plug-n-play and take only about 30-60 minutes to install depending on your level of knowledge on your vehicle. Some kits might need to be installed through an auto shop.

I would like to convert both my HIGH and LOW Beams, is that possible?
Yes, you can convert both very easily and we recommend it! These are known as Bi-Xenon Kits.

What's a Bi-Xenon HID Kit?
Some cars use the same bulb for both their high and low beam. We only offer certain colors for Bi-Xenon Kits.

How long does it take for the HID Kit to fully ignite?
It depends on your vehicle but in most cases it takes just 5-30 seconds.

What does 3,000K, 4,300K, 6000k, etc mean?
Each "K" represents a color and from our pictures and videos you can see that each "K" (or Kelvin) is a different color. You can choose from 4,300K (the whitest) to 30,000Ks (special colors).

What kind of warranty do you offer?
Only the best! A one year warranty for all HID Kits. This means if your hid kit was never modified, was installed by a professional, and there's no signs of damage to the kit we cover the warranty for you. But you will be required to pay for shipping both ways.

I would like to support Motor Fiend! How can I help?
We love our customers and especially the ones who want to help us grow even more. Liking us on facebook helps us to become a better known brand in the community. 

What is a 'slim ballast' upgrade?
There's no difference in the performance of the slim ballast compared to the regular - it's simply slimmer, making it easier to fit into small spaces.










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