Dodge Ram Headlights

Dodge Ram is a full sized pick up that has seen four generations of design and engineering changes. The first generation, from 1981 to 1993 used sealed beam headlights, making conversion to HID kits very difficult.
The 1994 Ram was the first year for the halogen lights, making conversion to Xenon lights simple.  The 318 engine provides ample power and great MPG. The broad truck bed has copious amounts of room to pack about anything.  With the comfortable interior, long trips are smooth and enjoyable.
1995 Dodge Ram has consistently received high ratings from drivers, with an exceptionally strong engine providing plenty of power for hauling the largest of loads. Billed as a work truck, but still family friendly with plenty of leg room for everyone.  Plug and play HID kits from MotorFiend. Com are an easy upgrade.
1996 Ram provides three key elements: form, function and reliability. The console in the spacious interior can double as an in-truck desk. Large capacity bed call fit just about anything. The stylish exterior and family friendly interior make this a great all around truck.
The 1997 Dodge Ram is a dependable, reliable truck with plenty of power. It is rugged and call haul about anything, from a large travel trailer to a flatbed.  The interior comfort makes for an enjoyable family vehicle. Stylish exterior make this truck a champ all around.  Enhance the styling with an HID kit from MotorFiend.com.
The 1998 Dodge Ram has plenty of power for every need. Great for hauling just about anything, camping, or just a comfortable ride around town. Plenty of room in the spacious interior with a dapper exterior, making for an all around good looking, satisfying vehicle.
The sturdy 1999 Dodge Ram is a attractive looking truck with an exceptionally stylish eye catching exterior. Loads of power, smooth driver with more than adequate towing capacity. Built tough. There is no weather that can prevent you from getting where you have to go in the RAM tough truck. An HID conversion kit is recommended for better nighttime driving.
A nice looking truck with a lot of power, the 2000 Dodge Ram is built solid and sturdy. Smooth handling with a spacious and ample interior make this Ram a comfortable ride for both the long and short haul. Attractive in appearance, this Ram is a versatile utilitarian vehicle.
The 2001 Dodge Ram exceeds expectations for a truck.  With a sporty interior and snazzy exterior design, this Ram is perfect for work or family related outings. Powerful, but providing an above average MPG rating. Ideal for a MotorFiend HID conversion kit.
A reliable, dependable truck, the 2002 Dodge Ram call pull fully loaded trailers, boats, campers and whatever toy you may have. More than adequate power with plenty of leg room in the sharp interior. This truck looks and drives exceptional and rides like a luxury car on the highway.
The 2003 Dodge Ram is a dependable and solid truck for work or for family activities. Aggressive, stylish exterior compliments the ritzy interior. Smooth riding but powerful enough to use as an everyday work truck, or comfortable enough to enjoy any family outing. Xenon headlights make a nice aftermarket addition.
The 2004 Dodge Ram is a nice all around truck with impressive appearance and superior performance, with incredible reliability and amazing power. Roomy, comfy interior and dressy exterior make this truck a great family vehicle as well as functional work truck.
The 2005 Dodge Ram is a real head turner, with sleek, snazzy exterior and lush interior. Powerful  and reliable, smooth ride and great handling.  Exceptional MPG.  This dependable truck makes a great work vehicle, or fun for the family. Upgrade to HID.
A 2006 Dodge Ram can provide comfort, safety and utility for a family, or serve as a capable work truck. Commute in style and poise with the sleek exterior, and luxury interior. As a truck, it is a solid versatile hauler. CANBUS ballasts are recommended when converting to HID headlights.
The 2007 Dodge Ram is a truck built to last with a very smooth, quiet ride and plenty of power. Lots of room for a big family, but at the same time, makes a great work truck. Easy maintenance. Magnificent truck inside and out.
This 2008 Dodge Ram is a 100% need for anyone who loves trucks. Sleek and functional for work or play. This Ram has an exceptionally comfy interior and snazzy exterior. Powerful acceleration, smooth ride, easy handling and great MPG make this truck remarkable. A CANBUS HID upgrade is recommended.
2009 Dodge Ram is a great looking truck with more than ample power. A generous interior make it a great truck for the whole family. Quick acceleration response, smooth handling and superior tow capacity. Four cylinder cruising capability saves fuel for long hauls. Classy looking vehicle inside and out.
A 2010 Dodge Ram is an exceptionally reliable truck with a comfortable, spacious interior, tons of power and low maintenance. It is an amazing truck that has the ability to tow just about anything. Aggressive looks and sound. Outstanding  performance and luxury. HID conversion suggested.
The 2011 was the first year for the “Ram” without the Dodge logo. With an aggressive luxurious styling this Ram has a unique presence among competitors. Spacious cab has all the features you would expect in an opulent vehicle. Handles well and tows excellent. CANBUS ballast recommended.
A fast and super comfortable truck, the 2012 Ram has ample leg room for the entire family for long road trips. It can seat up to six people adequately. This snazzy looking vehicle rides like a car, but can tow just about anything. The Hemi provides plenty of power, yet offers reasonable MPG. Great candidate for an HID conversion from MotorFiend.com.
The 2013 Ram has had a mild face lift, with a larger grille, restyled headlights (perfect for HID conversion), and LED turn signals and taillights. Superior styling with a luxurious interior including the 8.4 inch UConnect. Roomy, comfortable truck for both work and family activities.
2014 Ram is one beautiful truck. Smooth riding, plenty of power for towing, but great for long trips with the family as well. Sensors for parking in tight spaces as well as rearview camera.  More than adequate MPG, both in the city and on the road. Solid, comfortable and reliable.
The 2015 Ram is a compelling choice for new truck buyers. A restyled bold grille contributes to the overall aggressive look. The interior is lush, with plenty of room for the entire family for long trips. Optional diesel engine can provide up to 29MPG. CANBUS ballasts recommended.
The Dodge Ram and Ram trucks have provided superior performance and looks for many years. Truly, one of America’s bestselling vehicles.