MotorFiend CANBUS HID Kits use second generation decoder technology to 'talk' to your other vehicle's electronic components making our kits suitable for installation in all modern vehicles with computer controlled headlight systems.

What does CANBUS mean?
CAN stands for Controller Area Network and BUS is the path the data travels along in vehicle electronics. This system was designed by Bosch and is used in many modern vehicles to control systems such as engine and transmission management, ABS brakes, suspension, airbags, door locks and headlight systems. Modern vehicles have as many as seventy electronically controlled devices and the CANBUS systems allow these devices to operate independently and talk to each other without the need for a main computer to control them.

Does my vehicle use CANBUS?
CANBUS computer systems have been mandatory in all vehicles sold in the United States since 1996, so if your vehicle was built post 1996 you would have one of the five types of CANBUS vehicle control systems.

Does my vehicle need a CANBUS HID kit?
We recommend CANBUS kits for all vehicles built after 2008 and for any vehicle fitted with electronically controlled headlight systems or daytime running lights. CANBUS HID ballasts are able to 'talk' to other vehicle systems to ensure continuous power is supplied to your headlights. Regular HID kits may still work in a vehicle with CANBUS headlights, but there's often problems with flickering bulbs and error codes displayed on the dash.

Why buy from MotorFiend?
MotorFiend is an Amercian company and we've been in business since 2008. We've sold over 14,000 HID kits to satisfied customers nationwide. We stock only the highest quality components that are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY and a dedicated customer support team.

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