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MotorFiend proudly carries only quality aftermarket parts and car accessories that are backed by a one year warranty. We consider ourselves to be the industry HID headlight experts and after nine years in business we’ve sold in excess of fourteen thousand hid kits to satisfied customers nationwide. All of our HID products are shipped out of California and our shipping is always free within the United States. Our dedicated customer service team will happily answer any of your technical or installation questions. Please feel free to contact us.
USA - Free standard shipping to all fifty US states. Upgrade to express shipping for an addition $9.95
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ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: MotorFiend ship worldwide for a flat rate of $29.95 per order.  
Upgrading Your Headlights
HID Headlights: Our high intensity discharge headlight conversion kits include HID bulbs, DIGITAL 35W AC ballasts and all the wiring and mounting materials you need for an easy conversion. Our kits are also plug and play, which means the wiring plugs directly into your vehicle’s existing wiring harness. There’s no cutting or splicing which means the conversion is completely reversible if you ever wanted to go back to using OEM halogen bulbs.  
We recommend our CANBUS HID Kits for installation into newer vehicles that have electronically controlled headlight systems. Canbus ballasts are able to communicate with your vehicle's onboard computer systems which means no flickering bulbs or warning lights on the dash. 
The headlight colors we offer include 3,000K yellow, 4,300K pure white, 6,000K plasma white, 8,000K plasma blue, 10,000K extreme blue and 12,000K purple headlights. The blue headlights are our most popular seller and certainly give your car a customized luxury look which will bring you a lot of attention.
So what is the advantage of upgrading to HID headlights? HID bulbs are three times brighter than factory halogen bulbs. Drivers relate high intensity discharge light to that of natural daylight, thus giving you far better night time visibility when driving. Your car’s headlights will also be seen by other drivers, pedestrians and animals, giving you better overall safety on the road. 
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Want to know how to install a HID kit? Our free guide to hid headlight conversion explains everything you need to know about selecting the right hid kit for your vehicle. We also have an installation video made by celebrity mechanic Eric The Car Guy which demonstrates the step by step installation process.  
Projector Headlights: We now offer a full range of Halo Projector Headlights from SPYDER Automotive Products. For more information check out our projector headlights page. Other products from spyder include led headlights & led tail lights. All products are top quality, have a one year warranty and are shipped free to customers in the United States.   
LED Headlights: Our newest LED product is the G6 2016 LED Headlights. This amazing new technology boasts 3,000 lumens per bulb and all of the electronics are incorporated into the bulb housing, so there's no more ballast. The G6 kit can be installed in under 5 minutes! Philips LED Headlight kits are available in H1 bulb type, which is hard to find in LED. Our CREE LED Headlights feature USA made LEDs and built in cooling fans. The light output is 3,200 lumens per bulb and they can be fitted to both 12 and 24 volt vehicles. CREE LED headlights are even brighter than HID xenon lights.